Paw Spa Services

At North Bentwood Veterinary Hospital and Boarding we offer a variety of services by reservation only. Your pet’s health is important to us and that includes healthy coats, paws, and teeth.

Let us pamper your pet with a relaxing spa experience.

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Paw Spa Request

Once our office has received your request, you should receive either a confirmation email of the request or a phone call from our staff within the next 24-48hrs. If you have not received confirmation of your pet’s reservations, please give our office a call at (325)284-3017 or email us at

Bathing Services

Our bathes include shampoo, conditioner, facial, complimentary nail trim, and blow dry.


Paw care is important to your pets health. Have your pet’s nails gotten too long? Let us shape those nails and soften those paws. Ask about our specialty nails, nail polish, and paw lotion. 

Additional Services

Anal gland expressions, nail trims, brush outs 15/30 minutes, de-matting 30/60 minutes, sanitary clips, paw pad trims, ear plucking.

Pawsitively Tangle-Free

Pet’s love getting their hair brushed and a gentle rubdown. We offer brush-outs to keep your pet’s fur tangle-free. Need help furminating your pet’s undercoat? Choose between a de-matting brush out or furminating sessions to help during the shedding season. 

  • Deshedding / furminating brush out – 15/30 minutes

  • Dematting – 30/60 minutes

**Please note: depending on the severity of the mats or amount of burrs it may take longer or require another session at a different time. Your pet’s comfort is our top priority during the dematting process.

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