Preventative Care

Our goal is to provide personalized preventative care plans for pets of all life stages, promoting their longevity and quality of life. Trust North Bentwood Veterinary Hospital and Boarding to keep your beloved companion in optimal health.

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Preventative Care

At North Bentwood Veterinary Hospital and Boarding, we prioritize your pet’s health with our comprehensive preventative care services. We understand that internal health problems may not always exhibit outward signs, which is why we emphasize regular screenings, especially for geriatric pets. 

Wellness Exams

Our veterinarians conduct thorough physical examinations to assess your pet’s overall health. These exams are essential for early detection of any potential issues.

Diagnostic Screening

Utilizing advanced diagnostic tools, we perform screenings to detect internal health issues early on. This includes specialized blood tests and internal parasite testing.

Heartworm and Flea Control

We offer effective prevention and treatment options to safeguard your pet against heartworms and fleas, ensuring their comfort and health.


We provide essential vaccinations tailored to your pet’s lifestyle and risk factors, helping to prevent common infectious diseases.

Dental Care

Oral health is crucial for your pet’s well-being. Our dental services include regular check-ups, addressing issues like tartar buildup, gum disease, and oral tumors.

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