Pet Friendly Thanksgiving and Christmas Feast

Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. Of course, with all the festivities and family feast, it is tempting to let your canines and felines enjoy a little of the Holiday joy. However, their dietary needs are more delicate than ours and the last thing you want is an emergency veterinarian visit during the holidays. There are some common holiday foods that are safe for your pets, but need to be cooked separately to avoid any of the harmful seasoning that we all love.

Canine Approved Safe Foods

Most holiday feast will not be complete without a vegetable tray. Lucky for canines, the following vegetables are safe to eat: carrots and broccoli. Of course don’t forget boiled or cooked UNSEASONED sweet potatoes or UNSEASONED pumpkin for dessert.

For your canine’s main course, UNSEASONED boiled chicken (remember NO BONES) with some steamed white rice is always nice. It is very important to remember NO skins, bones or seasoning.

Feline Approved Safe Foods

Of course, you do not want to leave out your felines. Their food list short and simple : fish and chicken. Felines love UNSEASONED Salmon or boiled UNSEASONED chicken. Remember to check for bones as you do not want to have a bone lodge in their digestive track and cause blockage or lacerations.

Your pets can enjoy their own Thanksgiving and Christmas Feast, just remember to stick to the known safe foods and NO SEASONING of BONES! We love seeing your babies, but we want to keep them well and avoid any emergency vet visits this holiday season. We wish you are your pets safe and joyful holidays this year.