Compliments can brighten up anyone’s day. Remember a time when someone stopped you in a store to say they liked your outfit or that you have a well-behaved child? It makes you feel like a million bucks.

We love compliments because it gives us a sense of feeling appreciated. What about our pets? Do they love receiving compliments? Of course, your pets love receiving compliments just as much as we do. Receiving compliments is the best medicine any human or living animal can receive.



– Mark Twain


Think of how much a simple compliment like, “you look pretty today” makes you feel. Now take some time to observe how your pet reacts to a compliment. Try telling them, “good girl” or “good boy”. What’s their response? Every dog and cat that I have had the pleasure to share their companionship always returns the compliment with wagging tails, kisses, and smiles. They always know just how to receive a compliment. We could learn so much from our furry companions. Humans don’t always acknowledge when they have received a compliment. We sometimes even find receiving compliments to be awkward at times even though it makes us feel good inside.

My moms Skye Terrier, Bobby, is the best at receiving compliments. We need to follow his lead. Every time I walk in the door at my mom’s house, I am always greeted by the brightest of smiles and the most loving kisses you could ever receive. It is almost like he lives for compliments and loving strokes on his back. Skye Terriers have the cutest pink tongue that seems to peak out of their adorable mouths at just the perfect moment to create their signature “Hollywood” charm. The actors and actresses, like Marilyn Monroe or Maureen O’Hara,  from the old Hollywood classic movies, were flawless when it came to receiving compliments on the red carpet. Skye Terriers possess this same flawless feature that the classic Hollywood Stars had when they graced the movie premieres. They truly make receiving a compliment become a gratifying compliment itself.


It’s no secret that I sure love my furry companions to the moon and back. I love telling my sweet girl, Ladybug, how much she means to me. She always rewards my compliments with the sweetest kisses that make me feel like a million bucks. Lady knows exactly how to receive a compliment in a way that feels like a compliment in return. When you have time, try giving your loving furry companion a compliment and see how wonderful their response makes you feel.