Did you get a puppy or kitten for Christmas?

Every year puppies and kittens grace the homes of many families during Christmas. Everyone loves the wet kisses and sweet cuddles of a cute puppy or kitten. Many holiday movies center around the joy of Christmas and the gift of a pet’s unconditional love. However, with each adorable puppy or kitten, comes a long-term commitment of love and caring for this precious gift. They give you unconditional love their entire life and in return, they rely on you for shelter, food, veterinarian care, and love. It is important to remember puppies and kittens are like children and get into everything. Remember if they chew your favorite shoes or knock the cookie jar off the shelf, they are not doing these things out of spite but rather in the carefree spirit of being young,

Things to consider when getting a pet

  • Do you have enough space for them to play and exercise? Different breeds have different needs. If you are living in an apartment make sure you get a pet that meets the weight requirements for your place of residence.

  • Health fund: It is important to keep your pet current on all vaccinations including those required by the state. Just like we need to see the doctor on a regular basis, your pet needs to have regular veterinarian visits each year. Set aside some money each month for your pet’s veterinarian needs and just in case of emergency visits.

  • Do you have a place dedicated for your pet to stay? Remember your pet needs to have a designated place for them to stay during the day while you are at work like a kennel, bathroom, or laundry room, Not only does a designated place help them stay out of trouble but also gives them a sense of security. It is important to have a place out of the harsh winter and summer weather. You want them to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer to prevent any health problems.

When you first get a puppy don’t forget to take them to the vet and finish their entire puppy vaccination series before going to the dog park. You want your puppy to be protected against things like the parvovirus. It is important to communicate with your veterinarian to ensure your precious pet is receiving the best care. Kittens also have a series of vaccinations specific to them. It is just important to complete their kitten vaccines to ensure they don’t sick. Always talk to your veterinarian about questions or concerns you may have about your pet’s health or nutrition. Remember to love and take care of your pets. They are not just a cute fad for the holidays, but rather a lifetime of love.