Top 3 tips to help ease pet’s boarding anxiety

Some pets may get a little anxious in new situations. Whether it is having a pet sitter coming to the house, going to a boarding facility, or going to the vet, pets may become anxious and show signs of stress. There are many different signs of stress a pet may exhibit. Some of these signs include excessive licking or chewing of the feet or various places on the body, loss of appetite, nervous urination, and diarrhea. When preparing to leave for a trip, here are 3 helpful tips to help your pet during their time away from you.

  1. Bring or set out their favorite toys. Toys can be a huge comfort for your pet while you are away. Many pets will curl up with their toy or love on the toy. Remember the toys you bring to a boarding facility or set out for the pet sitter may get torn up while you are away. Some pets get a little destructive while they are separated from their owners. It is natural to get upset seeing a toy destroyed or torn up when you return home, however, please keep in mind they love you and did not maliciously destroy a toy.

  2. Bring or set out a blanket or shirt with your scent. Blanks and shirts with your scent on them give your pet a sense of security. They often will lay their heads on them or curl up with the item tucked underneath their tummy. Remember your pet may decide at some point during their time away from you to chew on the item causing it to be a little altered when you return home. You may want to choose an item you would not be upset about if it got destroyed while you were away on vacation.

  3. Bring their normal food. It is always best not to change your pet’s diet before or during a trip as this can cause an upset stomach or even diarrhea. The more normalcy a pet can have during their boarding stay, the easier it is for your pet to relax.

Boarding stays can be a positive experience for your pet, especially if they have a little piece of home with them. Many boarding facilities offer extra activities for your pet to enjoy like one on one playtime with a staff member. Many canines enjoy chasing balls or just getting their tummy rubbed during their time out of the kennel at playtime. Our felines enjoy brush-outs, cat toys, and back scratches during their time out of their kennel at playtime. Kennels with glass fronts also help with anxiety. We have found having curtains that can be closed, has helped with anxiety, especially when walking other canines past their kennel. We also found having a television on for smaller pups and classical music for large canines and in our feline room has helped keep pets relaxed during their stay. Before making a boarding reservation, ask about what they have to offer such as playtimes, extra walks, baths, or brush-outs. Give your pet a vacation of their own and help make it a positive experience.